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The elite in the field of Occupational Psychology is working for decades on the decoding of the personality and on the development of accurate, reliable testing systems to predict behaviour in the job. We have tested some systems ourselves and integrated the best of them into our selection processes. With the help of modern assessment methodology, we draw a detailed picture of the personality of any candidate. To give you the basis for more informed decisions and better hiring results.

Computer-based modular instruments

For our assessments, we employ computer-based testing instruments of the latest generation. The modular test packages are scientifically validated and deliver a detailed, differentiated picture of the test person's personality and professional potential. The tests are configured to suit the testing needs for a particular management level. The test results are compared to those of one of several norm groups.

The availability of our test systems in electronic form permits candidates to perform the actual tests anywhere and anytime. This increases a candidate's flexibility and reduces the need to spend time away from work to a necessary minimum.


The tests are available in several major languages. We conduct assessment interviews in German, English and French.

Assessment Interviews

We do not blindly rely on the results of computer-based tests, no matter how sophisticated they may be. On the basis of our analysis of the results, we conduct a personal interview of several hours to verify the test results and question some of the underlying assumptions. To interprete the wealth of information accurately, we draw on our many years of experience as assessors and on our own experience as managers, entrepreneurs and business people in a multicultural, international context.

Feedback to Candidates

At the end of the assessment interview, we discuss with each candidate the results of the tests and our interpretation thereof. This transparency builds trust and reduces the risk of misunderstandings and misinterpretations. We also discuss with the candidate at that time the next steps in the decision making process.

Information Content

On the basis of our assessments, we can provide you with detailed information on following skills, capacities and personality traits:

  • Cognitive capacity (abstract and practical logical thinking)
  • Motivational aspects
  • Emotional competence
  • Social and interpersonal competence
  • General management capabilities
  • Working methods and style
  • Decision-making aspects
  • Leadership aspects